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Friday, November 19, 2021

TTDILA'S Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Edition

$4.99 to rent or $9.99 to buy

Frankly, this is here, because New York Ninja was such a let down. Gonna just leave the link for when it was in the 2012 gift guide.

From 2012 gift guide review"
"You need to get this movie now and present it as a Christmas gift to someone who likes a triple-Decker of 80's cheesiness. This martial arts film is an instant classic to laugh at with friends. It's everything a B-action movie needs. It is the epitome of so bad that it's good."

Nice try, Vinegar Syndrome. Thanks, for this mess.  Oh, I was so excited for this one. Here's why: New York Ninja is a resurrected B-movie that had so many bad things happen to the production that it's original audio is gone. "Luckily", 35 years later, Syndrome just created new audio for the whole thing. Now, in all its 80's bloody gore we can see a Ninja get revenge on the scum of New York and become a hometown hero for the city. Or kind of get bored by it.
This was an instant hit, when I watched it with a group of friends. Psycho Goreman is an over-the-top gory film about a monster man from outer space who is controlled by a little girl and it is utterly hilarious. Filled with nostalgia for all things Power Rangers-just listen to the rocking theme- and so many other references from the 90's and 80's it's a total trip. The best part of the story is the little girl is easily more a monster than the one that swallows people whole.

* An O-Card is another term for slipcase and in this case a really snazzy looking one.


A bike-riding adventure set in a dystopian future about a young man having to fight an evil overlord. And it was F ing hilarious too. There;s a lot of love for this film years after it's debut with a video game on the way too. What we're showing off here is essentially a collectible VHS tape of the film. I'm sure it's more just to have the memento than to actually use it, it is a working tape though. And, it looks perfect to put on your desk if a fan of the film.

What do you get for the perv otaku and anime adjacent fan in your life? Something to make them laugh and still have their eyes pop out of their head like a cartoon wolf. For them, it's the sweet taste of Tentacle Grape Soda. Coming in 4 packs and 8 packs, this drink is a play on...some dirty stuff called hentai. But it can get away with it like a well written cartoon with jokes for kids and adults. Don't worry, it isn't alcoholic and it can go in the fridge without a little brother or your Mom knowing anything the wiser. Yes, it's all about the cute Japanese school girl on the bottle. 

What another cookbook chasing in on a popular...semi-popular brand? Where's the Squid Game Cookbook or (insert reference to what's popular at the time) cookbook? For those loving dorks who love Final Fantasy, it's a cookbook that connects to the online game? They have an online game? And it's 14th iteration?

This cute cookbook just connects to Final Fantasy and that'll be enough, because honestly very few cookbooks care.

*An exclusive version of the cookbook featuring an alternate cover design will be available to players in North America and Canada who purchase the book through Gamestop.
From the brilliant animator and artist Miranda Tacchia is a lovely book on girls who just don't care. They just don't give a damn. You could say they're Unimpressed! Each page show off a lady just not liking it and it proves to make you laugh at every eye-catching illustration of just not having it. I'm kind of impressed at a thick 400 pages this can definitely "accidentally kill" someones pet turtle, Mom.

Oh no, why is this here. It's all kinds of depraved and naughty. This tomb from Simon Hanselmann is an utterly insane long epic comic on a horribly dysfunctional group of friends that shack up together during Covid. The worst perpetrator of them all being Werewolf Jones. And you'll see a lot of him and his penis all played out as a hilarious slice of life sitcom. Warning, none of it should ever be shown to children, Hell, I think last two years of high school minimum to start reading it.

And while it's dumb, it's some of the funniest, darkest humor I've ever read.

*Crisis Zone is part of the Megg, Mogg, & Owl series. 

Time to annoy others with bringing this to a party or over to friend's house, what does a dog or cat or machinery sound like in other countries? I'm talking onomatopoeia in other languages. Cats make a "meow" here, but in Japan it's "nyan." Weird, and silly to think the English language can capture what a sound, sounds like to foreign ears.
Scares are in store for anyone who picks up this short story collection from acclaimed horror manga writer Junji Ito. The man makes some truly creepy stuff and faces that'll haunt you with their utterly ghoulish demeanor. Each story is only a few pages, but all end up creeping you out. Grim, gross, but never forgotten, this collection is perfect to curl up by a cozy fire and then wake up wondering if you locked all the doors. And just a cover that'll never be okay to leave out anywhere unless you want to be questioned.
Things aren't right. Especially not for Eddie Gein. He's the reason we have Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. It's based on him. And. because Eric Powell, known for The Goon comic, is into messed-up stuff, he was the perfect fit as artist for this book sharing Eddie Gein's very unsettling life. There's masks made out of human faces and I'll stop there.

You thought your friends screenplay or manga story was a bad idea? Find out what got made in the 90's. It wasn't pretty as Bleeding Skull!, purveyors of trash, review over 200 movies that are total garbage. You might find something new to make fun at movie night or just make you ponder if cocaine ever left Hollywood.
$47.00+international shipping
Also, known to non-noobs as JRPG's have been a major part of gaming for decades now. You can see this lengthy guide go over 600 reviews of battling magic users, demons and more than likely ninjas. And it goes all the way back to 1982 to now. For the game who doesn't want to just browse online, but sit down and read about these long arcing stories making little to no sense. It's might be someone's final fantasy...if I guess they're dying or have a very limited imagination.

$28 and up per apparel
Nothing was more of let down to me than Godzilla vs. Kong. Mainly, because it was treated like another Godzilla movie from the Showa era, which means utter nonsense. One film that is utter nonsense is Godzilla Vs. Hedorah, where Godzilla fights a monster made out of toxic waste. Hedorah is a weird looking monster, perfect to be put on a t-shirt. Cavity Colors did just that leaving any Godzilla fan in a good mood. One day, maybe will get Gigan tee, he's an alien cyborg with a circular saw in his belly, so dreamy.
Batman can't fly, but he can soar over Gotham when he uses his grapnel launcher. From The Animated Series, the only good one. We have a replica of his grab gun thing now and we can use it too. It really launches. A fun desk toy to be added to your other Batman merch.

Do you still remember Loki or Squid Game? You probably will for at least the months after the
holidays. So grab Miss Minutes in real clock form(from $29.84+ & $35.10+), a kawaii Variant chart ($20.00) and some nice Variant ($19.99+) and Squid Game ($17.21+) shirts, one with your own personalized number.

Oh, do I like this mystery card game. A cabin in the woods and you trying to defeat an old man at cards or YOU'LL BE PUT INTO ONE! The game makes you sacrifice different animal cards to summon other animals in the card game from the get go. A telling sign of how messed-up the game is. But, it's only the start as you battle different cretins, the creepy old man put's on wood-carved masks to change his already unsettling personality to battle you in boss fights. There's more to figure out than just the card game, because beating the card game is only part of how you can get out.

If you need a party game, they got 4 good ones in this pack. See our full review here. You can make your party so much more entertaining or play with friends online via these new games including: an animated drawing guessing game, an opinion based dungeon crawl, an office placement word game and a trivia game where the host is also an enormous wheel. Just in time for the holidays, a new Jackbox pack to play on your phones and tablets and make it feel like you were on a game show for 20 minutes.
What is this mess? Is SEGA desperate for cash? I thought the Sonic movie did well. Ugh, for whatever reason this phone charger will stand out and make any Sonic fan question why they even care about the series anymore.