Thursday, November 11, 2021

Inscryption Review: Wait, What's Happening? Oh, That's Not Good

The sun is setting as I put my words to this keybaord. Will I awake another day to battle that creepy old man in his log cabin in the woods at his weird card game?

I am kind of getting the hang of it, so let me sacrifice as many squirrels and other critters as it takes. I'm
getting out of this nightmare!

Mystery and horror await as nothing as you perceive it to be is down the rabbit hole of making fun of Pokemon, D&D and old RPG's in Daniel Mullins latest game published by Devolver Digital. And it's a shame if you didn't heard about it until now. Because, it's probably been my favorite game of this year.

Let's go over the story and game play. You're stuck in the woods with a creep who won't let you go unless you play his card game, Inscryption. No, you don't get his name. Not till way later. You're gonna have to learn the rules, which aren't too hard as you start to play the game, which is a bit macabre. 

You see, to use other cards, all wildlife based, an elk, a wolf an oh, so many squirrels. You gotta sacrifice other cards. I mean, it costs blood. Your animal friends blood. You need to strategize whose worthy to be... let go, so better and stronger cards can come onto the board. Early on, you earn another way to put down cards, that doesn't require precious red life juice, but it's just as grim,. I'll only hint at what remains after an animal is defeated. There's many different animals and insects and some monsters from lore to collect with different powers and abilities you'll want to think about in your fights. Wait, did that Stoat card just talk to me. Wait, what's a stoat?

Oh, and then comes in classic Mullins, maker of the game, making it weird and breaking the veil of the game world. Because, some of the cards will start talking to you and how unhappy they are to still be in this game. Stoat's kind of a jerk too. It doesn't help that they won't fully explain what's up, so best try beating the creepy old man in front of you.

I don't want to explain everything either as the real joy of the game is going deeper into a folk horror mystery and trying to figure out what's really going on, because beating the game...might not be your salvation.

And shout out to, not the great atmosphere or the look of the cards while playing the game and keeping it entertaining. Yeah, the game perfectly captures the feel of a retro like card game. No, I'm giving it up to sound design for just the weird sounds the old man makes instead of a real voice. His twisting hypnotic spiral gaze as he tell you how to play with that weird tone make him a memorable enemy for years to come. I'll put him up there as an antagonist the likes of GLaDOS as you'll remember the way he sounds for the rest of your years.

He is and he isn't your only foe, because this Dungeon Master fetishist likes putting on wood-carved masks. And that's when the boss fights start. Oh, when he gets into character as the Old Prospector or Angler you know you're in trouble. He gets special abilities when he dons these masks and they are annoying until you learn how to fight them.

As much as you want to hate this creep, you've got to admire all the hard work he puts into the game, which with the little figurines and map and extras it would be fun to play outside of being trapped. Like the game alludes to Inscryption is supposed to be a real world card game, but I can't find it anywhere online or eBay.


Being a little more straight with you, the card game is only the start of your troubles, but you best learn how to play it and take a look around the cabin. You might be bound to play his game, but you can stretch your legs once and a while

It's troubling to not tell you more, but that's what makes Inscryption, so much fun. Figuring it out on your own, beating the old man with too much free time on his hands and discovering what's really going on. Because cards normally shouldn't be talking to you. That's kind of weird.

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