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Friday, November 5, 2021

Champion’s Curry For Those Who Miss Curry House

With Curry House gone for some time, it makes sense a new restaurant would step forward to serve curry for the fine folks visiting Little Tokyo. And that's Champion's Curry. Looking like an American diner from someone's imagination of what American diners should look like from the 1950's comes this spacious and tasty place to sit down and enjoy curry again.
136 S Central Ave Los Angeles, CA 90012
11:30 AM - 2:30 PM
5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Tel. (213)265-7187

No so long ago, I tried out the place with some friends, we had to get use to ordering from a computer tablet menu, but before we made it over to it, we were in awe of the space. Now, this space doesn't have a great history as multiple restaurants have come and gone from the location over the years, but here's hoping Champion's stays. It's already been around for a year, during covid, which is pretty impressive.

Back to the menu, we each ordered a different kinds of curry dish. Here, check out the menu. I got the Chicken Katsu, my friends got the Fish Katsu and a Pork Kastu Sandwich. All come with curry, of course. They took a little while to come, but as of writing this right now, remember, there's a staffing shortage and from what I could tell only two employees were working there for lunch.

Waiting was well worth it. Though, in my case I chose the spicy curry and had to pace myself. The food almost made me want to cry. Not in a spicy bad way, in a mmmm-so-good way. It's been so long since there was an easy option for food in Little Tokyo, where everything on the menu looks good. And it tastes darn good too. It's a hearty meal, that'll fill you up for your whole trip around Little Tokyo. We got the Kara-Age side with it and it was just too much. We couldn't finish it all.

We munched and slurped and enjoyed our meal to a great soundtrack of what sounded like 70's anime songs playing in Champion's. We were cradled by a nice booth or at least my side had the comfy wall chair and enjoyed the cute bowls our curry and katsu came in.

It's a place to sit down from your otaku shopping, check out what blind box toy you got or just a great place to meet up with friends in Little Tokyo. A champion of the people, a new curry house to replace what was lost. Grab a bite and be nice to the staff. Who were very friendly and nice.

If you're not just getting snacks from the Japanese super markets I say stop by a grab a bowl, but maybe order less spicy than I did. Besides, that food is served hot and...dang, now I want some on a cold day. Sigh, xext time I'm in Little Tokyo.
*Be sure to use the restroom there, as it's a nightmare to find one anywhere else in Little Tokyo other than the Starbucks and other sit down restaurants. Later that day, my friend said, it was the worst bathroom experience of his life, dealing with the Weller Court bathroom. I did not press further.