Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Holiday Cards Guide: Time To Send Someone Something The Old Way

Listen, sending an email shows a lack of care on your part when wishing someone Happy Holidays. Be it Hanukkah or Xmas or even the New Year, going that extra step and getting a card or cards you think that will be enjoyed by others means so much more than just sending out a general email. Merry Christmas, my a** when I see another one in my inbox. But, it my mailbox? Yes, more cards, more greetings!

So, here's places you can grab cards from, mostly Esty. And yeah, I know it's already Hanukkah, but if you get it sent in December, it still counts.

Oh, and while shopping for holiday cards don't forget our Gift Guide and this new

Scarlet Moon Christmas, Vol. VI , digital holiday beats while buying treats.

Nothing says Christmas quite like Krampus. Stealing naught children to be punished this cute cars is both scary and adorable at the same time. Perfect for someone whose both naughty and nice.
Update 12/3/21
Had to add these ridiculous and sick, Serial Killer Christmas cards. Perfect for friends listening to all those murder podcasts or murder shows on Streaming. Another great card for those who like watching scary Christmas movies during this time of the year.


Godzilla, why wouldn't he be around for Christmas? And he looks so festive in hat and scarf with his eye-beams. Wait, is that really Godzilla? Is that Secret Santa really Mecha Godzilla or did the artist just not know that much about Big G?

Price varies by pack and selection
Starts as low as $5
Our favorite holiday card shop. We've swooned over these cards with a new one coming out every years, except, sadly, this one. Go back through this huge selection to see any card that might fit your needs from being gross, humorous or recreating the holidays as giant kaiju monsters.
"Includes 4 Die hard Christmas cards, 4 Jingle All The Way inspired cards and 4 DieHard explosion cards
Inside every card is a special summary about what makes these movies so fitting for Christmas and special."

Just a cute little Sailor Moon in a Christmas stocking postcard. Daaaah, she's so cute!