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Monday, November 15, 2021

Hype: JoJo Refrence, Anyone? Pee-Wee & More


Streaming is swooping in and getting the newest anime? Yeah, it is and it's getting JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean Dec 1st. We get twelve episodes at once and continue the fate of the Joestars and their utterly bizarre adventures. Can't wait to see this weirdness for Winter.

via ANN

 Who doesn't like an old school ad in the newspaper? This one is for LA in the 70's, meaningless to me, but when the do 80's and 90's movies I'll care more. 

Your Agent Is a Con Artist: ‘The Beta Test’ Director Jim Cummings Wants to Liberate Indie Filmmaking


Great interview with Jim Cummings with a very broken system we have in Hollywood, which is only a part of his great new film The Beta Test. which you should definitely see. 

KCRW is getting a new show Friday, Nov 26th at 6pm and it's the Pee-Wee Herman Radio Hour. That is straight-up weird. Join Pee-Wee and his friends Chairry, Magic Screen, Miss Yvonne, and some surprise special guests (HINT: they are super famous!), while they listen to some of the greatest music ever recorded!