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Thursday, November 4, 2021

DesignerCon 2021 Preview...via Twitter


Probably one of our absolute favorite cons is back on track and IN-PERSON next weekend, DCON. The ever so expanded DesignerCon is taking place Nov 12th-14th at the Anaheim Convention Center. It's a bit of a schlep, but worth it. Especially, if you haven't gone to a con in so long.

As always asked, "Mr.LA, What's a DesignerCon?," What's a DesignerCon? How dare you ask me that...but, fine. It's an annual convention showing off art from artists you love online, vinyl toys and everything you want on Etsy, but without the shipping. Imagine a place you can get all the desk toys or special made art t-shirts you ever wanted, then imagine it being near Disneyland. I miss it being in Pasadena, sigh.

So, here's what's gonna be there this year or some of the online artists that got booths. We'll be updating you with more artists and toys in attendance as the actual con happens next weekend.