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Monday, July 19, 2021

Utterly Baffling Gameboy Space Jam: A New Legacy Scene


Space Jam: A New Legacy just doesn't care about how a Gameboy or video games work and Nintendo oddly let them throw their system in the garbage. The movie itself should be in the trash, but not a Gameboy.
The opening of the film has a young LeBron having a friend gift him a Gameboy with a Bugs Bunny
game as his friend just got the new Gameboy Color. That's an extremely nice gesture as that's like giving up your old Switch if you were say, getting the new OLED version. The kids barely dwell on it as they're at a basketball game.
LeBron then immediately gets called out for playing it too much, he just got it, and throws it in the trash? 
*The  Bug Bunny game changes into a color version of itself even though it's an original Gameboy game which weren't colored.
He just threw away a Gameboy? How callous and a bit weird, a friend just gave it to him. That's a costly item for a kid to just dump. Imagine throwing away you Switch now or even your old DS after losing one game?
And even if it's an old product, Nintendo would have had to sign off on that for the film. Why Nintendo allowed it to be featured as trash at the start is strange.

There's more bad video game problems we won't get into, some we might leave up to the writer's just not caring. But, tossing a Gameboy in the trash was just an idiotic start to a movie that's more a commercial than it's predecessor.