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Friday, July 30, 2021

TV & Movie Hype: How To with John Wilson, Jellystone!, Cooking With Paris & Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two

We totally missed it when it came out last year, but the 6 episodes of How To with John Wilson are hilarious mini-docs that twist into something else from their start. Probably the only good thing that came out in 2020. It should be no surprise that Nathan Fielder of Nathan for You is producing the show. If six episodes aren't enough (we want more and have to savor them) a second season is due this year. Check all the current episodes on HBO Max.
Another one we gave a chance was the brand new Jellystone! a new take on all the anthropomorphic Hanna-Barber characters living in a town together. It's great for kids and the adults who grew up on them. Tons of call backs from all the old cartoons. The characters are totally lovable nincompoops and they've updated them to be modern. Check all the current episodes on HBO Max.

Is your brain working too much. Shut it off with what is sure to be a dumb fun idea. Cooking With Paris is out August 4th on Netflix. It's Paris Hilton cooking with rich celebrity friends and it looks like time to just turn off any sort of ideas or thought process. Did everything coming out on Fox just go to Netflix? Possibly, we mean, this is just, whatever, it's not worst than what else is on TV.

Also, out now, on streaming or home media Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two. Some great animation starts off this second film. 
Then, we really don't know who is clamoring for these rated R super hero films. The over-the-top violence just doesn't make it any better. And it would make more sense to make it for a broader audience.
Overall, after seeing it, we were like, well, another one.
The only time we see WB animation doing it right is for the Mortal Kombat animated films, which are supposed to be ultra violent. Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms comes out August 31st and this is where it should be crazy violent, because that's what happens in the game and movie.