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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Movie Hype: The Fantasia International Film Festival 2021

The Fantasia International Film Aug 5-25 is just burning on all cylinders to basically put to shame all other film festivals in 2021. Sure, there's Fantastic Fest, but it might not even hold up to the unrelenting amount of films being shown at this fast. Check out the list of films. We'll be going over a few were the most interested in.
Sadly, there's a few in-person screening in Montreal and other films are geo-locked online to Canada, meaning if you're internet address from your computer doesn't say you're in Canada, you can't watch the film. 
First off, we're extremely jealous that the fest is getting restored virtual screenings of both FUNKY FOREST: THE FIRST CONTACT (2005) and THE WARPED FOREST (2011), which are totally surreal WTF Batsh*t insane Japanese movies. We've never even seen The Warped Forest as it's never gone to home video or streaming and only played and a handful of film festivals in the U S.

Here's more info from Error_4444 (Real name) who will be releasing both on Blu-ray.

*Not sure how they're claiming these are premieres

of the films at fest as they premiered in other festivals already.

FUNKY is making its world premiere at this year’s festival while WARPED is making it’s North American premiere. Both films are playing the Fantasia Retro section to celebrate the festival’s 25-year lifespan. This is a bit of a coming-home party as both films played the festival back in 2006 and 2012 respectfully, so we’re very excited to bring them back and set them loose again to confuse you, amuse you, repulse you, excite you, and just plain freak you out. This year’s festival officially begins on August 5th! Virtual tickets go on sale this Saturday.
🌳 Screenings are only available to Canadian viewers only, but we plan on releasing both films physically in just a few months! So if you’re in Canada, check these virtual screenings out! If you’re not in Canada, hold tight, we’ll have more announcements on our Blu Ray release shortly. 🌳

We also have the North American Premiere of The Sadness, a ball-to-the-wall, over-the-top violence zombie movie out of Taiwan.

 Aliens on Stage caught our eye.

"A high-spirited group of British bus drivers set their minds to launching a homemade stage play adaptation of Ridley Scott’s ALIEN in Lucy Harvey and Danielle Kummer’s debut documentary"

 We'll be going over more films as the fest draws close and more when it's happening this August.