Thursday, July 22, 2021

Game Hype: Jackbox Party Pack 8 Last Two Games, Nintendo Gallery & SEGA Sued

Jackbox has revealed the two final games in Jackbox Party Pack 8. We get two drawing games this October, including the previously posted on Drawful Animate. Check out the new game trailer below for The Wheel of Enormous Proportions and Weapons Drawn.



Nintendo is turning a factory into a gallery


New cool Super Mario Travel gear only available in Japan via

Mario Golf: Home Course announced looks fun.

 -Arcade1Up Revives Simpsons Arcade Machine To Relive 1990s Gaming Without The Quarters


Sega of America taken to court in $5 million lawsuit, accused of deceiving users 

 "A $5 million dollar lawsuit has been launched against Sega of America, claiming that the Sega arcade game Key Master is deliberately rigged against users."