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Friday, July 2, 2021

Burbank AMC's T- Shirt Is Ready For Pre-order


 For anyone who has messed up and gone to the wrong Burbank AMC or just noticed how strange that there are 3 of them at the same location, walking distance from each other, you now have a shirt to inform others of that same fact.
Not sure of the numbers after the pandemic, but the AMC 16 alone was the second biggest moneymaker in the country for AMC.

A lot of people visit each of them, be they in the mall, near the Barnes & Noble or placed at a dumb angle, instead of being at the end of the street, so you see it from a distance and can be impressed by how big it is. AMC 16 you're at a weird angle.

We spotted the shirt online a few days ago on Twitter below, but now it looks like you can snag one yourself over at Poltergeist & Paramours, check out their other collection of clothes too. It's going for $20-$25 without shipping.