Wednesday, May 12, 2021

World 8-2 Let's Hope It Doesn't Rain Soy Sauce There


So, it looks like our old friends at World 8 bought out the old Retro Game Camp location in Little Tokyo. Now we have World 8-2, which is kind of weird,cuz they had another store for a while.

Anyway, World 8-2 replaces Retro Game Camp and dang it, we really liked that store, here's our article on it from 2019 .

What's It Like To Work at Retro Game Camp? 

It was a sister store to a Japanese game store and could import some old school Japanese game and consoles. Let's hope World 8-2 doesn't deal with another raining soy sauce event. One did befall the previous game store, read the link above to find out more. Good luck to the former crew.
World 8 is one of our fav game stores in LA, so it's nice to see them have another location in Little Tokyo. But they should beware as not many game stores have survived in the location. See, previous game store. The only thing that has really stuck around is Q Pop and Anime Jungle's  slow expansion. Though they did lose Fickle Wish.

Check out World 8-2 next time you're grabbing some cool Japanese super market snacks.

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