Monday, May 17, 2021

Hype: Adventure Time Together Again, Hanging with Mr.Cooper, Pepsi Blue & More

The super long titled  Adventure Time: Distant Lands - Together Again is out this Thursday, May 20th on HBO MAX.

Alamo Drafthouse LA is finally reopening next week.

The Owl House isn't back till June, because Disney can only have one new cartoon operating at a time for some reason.

The creepy and cute work of Vera Brosgol is shown off in a new kid's book coming out May 25th.


Burbank Fry's will be missed.

‘Didn’t Realize They Were Hanging with Mr. Cooper’: Reporter Doesn’t Recognize Actor Mark Curry While Interviewing Him, Social Media Reacts

-Another great long headline. How could you not hang with Mr. Cooper? 

It looks like that hidden village in Little Tokyo just relocated a little further away.

Pepsi Blue is back in stores...and is rather quite tasty. It has a berry taste. We found ours in Walmart. It's probably just around for the Summer, so snag some.
-And of course, this isn't good.
Earlier, an image of a man was displayed on Citizen, an app that describes itself as a personal safety network, above an advertisement for a $30,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of what the ad called "the arson suspect."
Los Angeles County sheriff's Lt. Jim Braden told a Spectrum News reporter that deputies did not have evidence to charge the man, and he said what appeared on the app was potentially "disastrous" because it could lead to someone's getting hurt.

-Neil Gaiman, Chuck Wendig, and More Are Uniting to Make Disney Pay Royalties

-We have this fresh mess

 The issue with Foster’s work was that, as the author claimed, Disney was no longer honoring royalties contracts the writer had received for decades from his work on Star Wars and Alien novelizations when the megacorporation acquired Lucasfilm and then 20th Century Fox in 2012 and 2019, respectively—despite the fact that his work was still being reprinted and sold in various forms.

 Dave Pollot "Passengers 2 - Wish You Were Here" Gallery Online and sold out.

Show Me Your Tikis - Vacation Shirt (Unisex)



-We don't think it's safe to take back to the office.