Monday, May 24, 2021

Army of the Dead Quick Review Maybe Just For The Couch

Straight up, see it on Netflix if you have Netflix. Don't waste your money seeing it in the theater. Zack Snyder is becoming Michael Bay and somehow has made a less fun zombie movie decades after making a great one with Dawn of the Dead. That one was written by James Gunn and this...was penned by Bay,...I mean Synder. And it shows by nowhere being as funny, dark or even having characters you might like.

Essentially, Dave Bautista plays an everyman survived the downfall of Las Vegas being overrun with zombies with a few other survivors and know is on a mission to get money from a casino vault by going back into a walled Vegas with his friends and a new crew. The premise is fun, the execution is not.

On paper a vault heist with zombie guards sounds like fun. But, idiotic plot points, sappy close-up drama so thick I thought I'd choke on it and just wasting CGI money make this film a shame. I mean, I read how the effects team digitally reconstructed Las Vegas after mapping it out. I'm not sure why, that's not a major point of the movie and I can't recall the significance of why they did it after watching it.

Just to dump more on Zack, the movie looks like it was filmed by someone new to Hollywood, like maybe it's there first film. It's totally watchable on Netflix as one of their cheap films, but this movie cost $70-$90 million to make and it's just a waste.
Dumb, dumb movie to watch when bored over a few nights or an weekend evening.

Extra thoughts
-I thought Salma Hayek should have played the part of Dave Bautista's love interest Maria Cruz. Actress Ana de la Reguera seemed like she was just pretending to be Hayek.
-One of the zombies has robot parts in their head for some reason, no explanation online other than Zack probably thought it was a funny Easter Egg.
-A lot of logic problems on time, how easy it is to locate someone in a more than a hundred-room hotel, just how normal things work.