Friday, May 7, 2021

Friday Posters: Init!ation, The Columnist, Dementia Part II & Doctor X

We've been waiting on Init!ation, coming out in theaters and online May 7th, since possibly 2018. This classic slasher tale takes place on a college campus where a certain mark on social media get you killed. The slasher's strange headpiece and drill make it stand out among the other generic slashers. The original bloody cell phone poster might have worked more with a drill going through it.


This Dutch horror film, The Columnist, also out May 7, but just in virtual cinemas  is the story about a writer getting back at her online critics, by murdering them. It looks like a little tongue-and-cheek horror, more than a straight up murder spree. Though it is definitely looking like a murder spree. The first poster for it also plays with putting a smart phone center stage, The posters below go more generic. I guess the Fresh sticker makes the film attractive, but it's an eyesore on an poster. Looks like a kid put a sticker on it.



Dementia Part II stands out with it's bright yellow and black blood pouring over it. This comes out May 27 digitally and on DVD. This total over-the-top horror film was made in only a month and promises to be perfect viewing for any late night showing.

And just another look at the fun Doctor X poster from it's recent showing as part of the TCM Classic film festival.