Thursday, May 20, 2021

Jews Facing Hate Crimes As Gaming Sites Support Terrorist Actions

-LA Eater is reporting on a Pro-Palestinian group attacking Jewish diners at a local sushi restaurant. 
We also have this 

This is happening as a conflict where Palestine took terrorist actions against Israel and Israel defended itself are ongoing. Look up multiple news sources if you want a play by play of what happened. In our opinion Israel defended itself and continues too.

An article over at gaming website Kotaku bashed Israel over the current conflict but won't let comments be open to discuss it. This is unlike all other articles on the site that allow comments. Kotaku probably knows if they did open comments it be a crazy back and forth. But, site Jezebel, a sister site, who wrote a similar article in tone, at least left it's comment system open. Both articles are definitely one-sided and show no signs of real journalism, not reporting the facts, but spinning them. Jezebel's write-up on a tweet by Gal Gadot that's so luke-warm that it's completely insane to gain any support for either side with it, is some of the worst written speculative writing we've ever seen.

When web-sites like Kotaku and Jezebel both take a heavy one-sided tone and say it in the guise of  "it's about children" it can lead to empowering people to start hate crimes and supporting the wrong people. Those articles could have just been requests to get charity for children, but instead they incite people. They give a one-sided slant that doesn't go over anything that Palestine has done against Israel and the awful murders and bombings they've inflicted on the Jewish people over the decades as terrorists.

When America was attacked on 9/11, Israel had our back. When 9/11 happened, Palestine partied.