Friday, May 28, 2021

Local Hype: Donuts, Planet Vought Hollywood, Melrose Rooftop Theatre & LA River Kayak Season


Some easy-listening love of LA from The bird and the Bee.

Some links from Eater LA
 Planet Vought Hollywood is sadly sold out. Amazon created a fake super hero restaurant pop-up  for their super violent superhero show, The Boys. It'll be open June 4th-6th and takes over at The Palladium.

It's also car based, so you've gotta bring your wheels to enjoy it.

Being added to our outdoor movie collection is Melrose Rooftop Theatre. It's not starting till July, but you can grab tickets now that come with a full meal. It's not cheap, but it is a dinner at the movie at $49 per person.

The 2021 LA River Kayak Season is starting. Yes, you can really Kayak in the LA River. You can start signing up for trips this June from L.A. River Expeditions.