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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

What We Found On The Net Today: Oreo @Krispy Kreme, Delusion This Fall, They Made A Stupid Sexy Flanders & Lance Reddick Who?

Dang it, Krispy Kreme you know what you do to me. Head to Krispy Kreme before the 19th to get these special Oreo versions of their donuts. Don't forget you get a free one if you bring your vaccination card!

Jon Braver sent out an email after a long silence. One of LA's favorite haunts/ horror event is coming back this Fall. Delusion is coming back in a new live play. So, Halloween is looking pretty good later this year. Still no word on a permanent location for a year round Delusion, but hopefully we hear more in the coming months.

Kidrobot teamed up with The Simpsons and made a real Stupid Sexy Flanders 8" Vinyl Figure you can pre-order. It really looks like it's snug tight and wearing nothing at all. Nothing at all. NOTHING AT ALL! Get it for $69.99.
Check out the Women of the ATF, whose acronym no longer makes sense because they added Explosives to the mix. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives needs to update. Yes, it is a weird thing for them to post, that's why it's here. 
We hated Godzilla Vs Kong here at the site, which stings even more because we've really loved the smaller budget features of director Adam Windgard, You're Next and The Guest are just great rides. Godzilla Vs Kong is a let down except for the fights.

Here we learn of just one of the many choices that made the movie dumb and watching anything with a human being in it was meaningless.