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Monday, April 12, 2021

Desert X Shirt Screw Up: Special Report

TTDILA can now confirm that the Desert X Coordinates Tee coordinates are for the wrong location. This shirt was made for Desert X 2021 by Windmill City Super #1. Desert X features art exhibits open freely in the desert in Coachella Valley. As we said slightly earlier today, when you punch in the coordinates on the shirt above you get The North Pacific Ocean on Google Maps.

As pointed out by friend of the site YouTube channel Factory Reset, the coordinates are missing a number.  
3.7667°N, 116.3592°W should be

33.7667°N, 116.3592°W.


Yes, it's missing the number 3! When the 3 is added, Google Maps take you to Coachella Valley.

So, all the shirts have the wrong coordinates on them. Classic.

 That includes Desert X Coordinates Women's Tee.

We're gonna guess that Windmill City Super #1 is to blame mostly on the mix-up as the site itself lists Desert X ending April 16th, when it actually ends May 16th. So, it seems they don't really care that much on accuracy.

Still, someone over at Desert X should have noticed.

Will they correct this issue? Or will the shirts stay the same? Maybe they'll just go up in value.