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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Game Hype: Say No! More, Narita Boy, Dynasty Warriors Film & Book4Games Storage


Say No! More looks like a Wii game that some how is coming out now. It looks cute, but has a deeper meaning of not being pushed around in a corporate environment. Perfect for kids. It comes out this Friday on systems and computers.

Out now, Narita Boy!

This neo-retro wonder is definitely worth your time. Be the hero and delve deep into the mind of a bald programmer who sort of made a Tron-like digital world you have to save.

Dynasty Warriors has a movie in China and it looks very much like the game. via Destructoid

If you ever wanted to store your SNES games in your book shelf in a cool way, well, there's Book4Games cartridge cases. They look like books, but really store your SNES games.