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Friday, April 16, 2021

Friday Posters: The Warped Forest, F9, Army of The Dead & The Palm Springs Jewish Film Festival

 "...WARPED is also filled with the same zaniness that we’ve all come to love—including naked women trees that grow vagina-like fruit, animals that feast on nipples to bring sexual pleasure and kaiju-sized humans living and working normal lives."
We are so absolutely hyped for the first future release of The Warped Forest. Error 4444 has just given details that they have acquired both The Warped Forest and it's predecessor The Funky Forest. Both are perfect examples of WTF Batsh*t Japanese movies. We've only seen The Funky Forest-you've probably seen clips from it online and didn't even know where it came from-, The Warped Forest only played film festivals 10 years back. This will be the first time it's available to an American audience at home, you can't find it online or streaming anywhere.

No details on  street date, but we'll tell you when pre-orders go up.

If you want local dumb, then look no further than F9, due out in theaters June 25th.


Army of The Dead heads to Netflix May 21st. We didn't care for Justice League, but let's hope Zack can do good with his roots with zombies.

Lots of people are heading out to Palm Springs of late, we noticed some fun posters for the Palm Springs Jewish Film Festival happening now and online.

G-d literally forbids she turn off a vibrator gone rogue, so an Orthodox Jew sets out on a quest to find someone who can.

Oh, and Shiva Baby is sneaking in about a young Jewish woman who goes to the after funeral party and finds out her sugar daddy is there.