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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Palm Springs Giant Marilyn Monroe & Popsicles

It's 26-foot-tall

In what could only happen in Palm Springs is the strange fight between the local businesses and the local art museum on the placement of a giant Marilyn Monroe statue, Forever Marilyn. What this boils down to, while the statue remains in New Jersey, is the placement of the statue. Where it would go up, would be right outside the Palm Springs Art Museum. So, as your leaving you would see the statues' butt and panties. The museum and seemingly everyone else against the statue just wants it put in a park or somewhere else, just not in front of the museum.


Without any controversy in Palm Springs are some giant popsicles you can take your picture with this Summer. If your in Palm Springs for Desert X or whatever they're at 605 Sunny Dunes Road and will be up till December. Hopefully, by then they have Christmas lights up on them.