Saturday, April 17, 2021

Local Hype: Little Tokyo Misses You & What's A Spo-Cha?

- LAist has a long piece on how bad Little Tokyo has been hit by the pandemic.
- Writing about Little Tokyo, JANM just reopened.

Free, reserved tickets for limited time

And if you wanna drive out to the Puente Hills Mall you can try out Spo-Cha from the same people who have given us Round 1 Bowling & Arcades. It's an indoor sports and activity center.
The following amenities will be available at the Spo-Cha’s Ground opening:
- Rodeo Machine
- Segway Machines
- Billiards
- Catch
- Batting Cages
- Mini Bowling
- Kick Target Soccer Game
- Minibikes
- Ping-Pong
- Badminton