Sunday, June 14, 2020

Whose Being A Passive Aggressive Artist? Not Kevin Tong

One of our favorite artists, Anthony Petrie, is a bit miffed his work didn't have his name on it when Kevin Smith showed it on his Twitter feed. Kevin was live tweeting while watching Jaws and shared Anthony's wonderful Jaws piece, sadly not crediting the artist. We have to agree that it was just a live Tweet, so Kevin probably forgoed the normal etiquette online. For bloggers or anyone on the net writing, you should always credit the artist.

Kevin Tong

Another Kevin, Kevin Tong isn't the bearer of the best news on the art/poster gig industry in his recent interview with Gizmodo.

-Creating During Covid: Kevin Tong Talks Convention Woes and Home Set-Ups

We saw this recent tweet and have to agree, we'd love a game that utilizes SoCal's beaches as backdrops, wouldn't you? And we really love the art of Hiroshi Nagai.
Hiroshi Nagai

Here's some more info and images on the guy.
Hiroshi Nagai’s Sun-Drenched Pop Paintings Pay Homage to California
The gorgeous art of Japanese illustrator Hiroshi Nagai
Then just a yummy piece from Glen Brogan. It needs to be real.

Did you know that upcoming HBO Max cartoon Close Enough's trailer from years back was all fake? Turns out that wasn't a compilation of finished episodes. It was made just to prove to producers it would work and what the show would look like. Weird.

Read more about it here with an interview with Regular Show creator and Close Enough creator J.G. Quintel.

Surreal Life: J.G. Quintel Explores a Young Couple’s Growing Pains in ‘Close Enough’

Wait, KO_OP had a new $5 game released on Steam. These are the same people who gave us GNOG.
We're not gonna even get into their weird new game for PS5, ehhh.