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Friday, June 12, 2020

What We Found On The Net Today: Punisher Shouldn't Be Liked By Cops, Theaters? & Cops, Maybe They Shouldn't Do Everything In The Community

-Actually, there’s a lot Marvel can do about cops using The Punisher’s logo

Good article on why Marvel can try and stop the flow of Punisher illegal merch being used as a symbol, when it should only be used for nerds doing cosplay.

Movie Theaters Set to Reopen This Week in California, but You're Not Gonna Like It
Going to movie theater's doesn't sound like a blast.

-Editorial: Defund the LAPD? It’s time to rethink public safety in Los Angeles

We think many people don't get that it means taking that money and using it for training or building community outreach. Completely de-funding it with no police force is not a real option.

-Could LAUSD Disband Its School Police Department?
Do we need them anymore at our schools?