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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Anime Expo Lite: Schedule & Vendors

-First up, we got the schedule of panels you scan stream. Funny enough, both Funimation and Aniplex have panels even tough they have their own online conventions.

Second, no word if this Anime Expo's promised special merch-like the hat above-will be available online. What is already online are a number of our favorite apparel vendors that always appear at AX.

Colorful Joy-above- is just one of the many shirts offered by Shark Robot. They have a big selection based on internet animations and YouTube channels.

Neon RPG Pins are sadly in blind boxes, but damn do they look good. They come from Sanshee, which usually makes a deal with some video game titles, but they look like they're branching out to do more.
Then you have the multiple booths of Level Up Outfitters, who booths n
umber s have dwindled to just being online.
And they ever stylish and pricey Bait is still selling stuff online as well.