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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Things To Watch: Palm Springs, Doom Patrol Season 2, Warrior Nun & New Pokémon Snap

We have a lot of trailers to get through with a lot of brand spankin' new content. New Pokémon Snap seems like the perfect fit for the Switch. We can't wait to play, but no release date at all.
Palm Springs looks like it'll be a fun stuck in a time loop comedy about the place you visit just outside of LA. It's out on Hulu July 10th.
Doom Patrol Season 2 starts June 25 on HBO Max and we're happy to see the team back dealing with the weirdest sh*t possible.
WTF? Is this a prank? This can't be real... Warrior Nun has to be one of the dumbest new shows we've ever seen. Couldn't they have tried and made something good? If real, it comes out July 2nd on Netflix.