Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Things We Found On The Net Today: Cards Against Humanity Trouble, LA Council Trouble, Post Office Trouble & Gaming

-Polygon has a long piece on the makers of Cards Against Humanity. There's a serious allegation of sexual misconduct by one of the companies eight founders that took place before the company started. Then, there's a lot of allegations or racism and sexism in the work place. This is all very hard to take in as Cards Against Humanity is known to us for all the good its done over the years.

Some of the allegations in the article about racist and sexist cards in the deck seem ridiculous in that they're being brought up as the deck is suppose to be filled with bad humor and gross-outs.

And it's hard to read passages like

It’s more explicit when you find the card hidden in the Bigger, Blacker Box: “The biggest, blackest dick.” The newer Bigger, Blacker Box has another secret card: “A dick so big and so black that it is a problematic stereotype.” And the 69-inch, $100 storage box adds another: “The even biggest, blackester dick.”
And not say, "Yeah, the game is supposed to be stupid."

Then there was one comment from a former employee who felt like he wasn't being listened to because he wanted a "family version" of Cards Against Humanity, which sound awful.

Update: Well, they stole that guys idea. And it sound awful. Cards Against Humanity Family Edition.

It's a lot to take in.

-LA Councilman Jose Huizar Arrested By FBI, Accused Of Leading 'Criminal Enterprise' From City Hall
Just another great day in LA. Not happy there's a network of terrible people working on making the city a criminal enterprise.

-In worse news, the United States Post Office might go kaput unless we do something. Essentially, because of some insane law the post office has to pay a huge amount for anyone who will retire from their service. They're literally billions of dollars in debt because of this. The whole things is insane. John Oliver explains it better below. 
On lighter notes:

We're doing something we usually don't, tell you about Kickstarters. We've been burned too much in the past, LA Game Space, but this one seems legit and is based on Star Fox for the SNES.

Ex-Zodiac looks like it was made by the same people who gave us the original Star Fox. In reality, it's the hard work of one guy named Ben Hickling and he needs your money to finish the game and put it up on Steam. And then one day, if we wish hard enough, the Switch.

Rogue Legacy 2 looks like a lot of fun. Every time you die a descendant takes over your quest and has a new problem to contend with in their biology.