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Friday, June 5, 2020

Donut Day: Donut Man & Our Undying Hatred of Our Enemy The Duke of Donuts

It's Donut Day in LA! Head to the places below for a free donut!

Donut Man is Glendora. We called them up and they're good for Donut Day. However, there's no clear date for Donut Man in Grand Central Market.

Why bring up Donut Man? Well, because it is considered the finest donuts in all of the LA area. The fresh strawberries inside the donuts and when the time is right the fresh peaches just make it the best darn donut in all of LA.

We're sad to see Donut Man have to wait to open up downtown, but when it does...they'll be one big line.

And as always, on Donut Day or on any other donut related post, f&*k you Duke of Donuts, sworn enemy of Things To Do In LA. You think you so great with you Instagram on donuts. Well, you're not.

Try some real reporting on donuts and call us back.

Did your dumb, stove pipe hat cut off the circulation to your brain? We think so. BTW, Lincoln called from Heaven, he said wants his hat back and to stop stealing from Presidential graves.

When you think about, there's nothing less American about a duke of donuts.

We hate you Duke of no nuts.

Your as empty as the hole in every donut.