Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Game Hype: Ex-Zodiac, Inkulinati & Garlic

We just posted on Ex-Zodiac the game that looks like a new version of Star Fox for SNES at the start of its Kickstarter and it's already been funded. We didn't mention that you can already play two levels to test it out. Play the game and wishlist it on Steam.

We usually are weary of Kickstarters, but this one seems like a really easy goal and isn't trying hard on rewards, the creator just wants to finish and polish the game.

Doesn't hurt that demo proves how much fun it is.

We didn't even know Inkulinati was up on Kickstarter. We've been looking forward to this turn based strategy game that looks like manuscript. You use animals put in the corners of pages to battle in these illustrated duels. The Kickstarter was funded, but it's over in mere hours. Luckily, Hell got funded or elements of Hell at the $66,000 goal. Can't wait for this one. Steam Wishlist.

Garlic is an underdog asking for the smallest amount on Kickstarter. It looks like it'll be a tough platformer filled with some truly silly style.