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Friday, November 22, 2019

Weekend Wonders: TKB Bakery & Deli

Things To Do In LA presents Weekend Wonders, thoughtful trips to take selfies on an hour or more from LA.

That's a big damn fine sandwich! Past the big ol' cock. There's a rooster statue before you find a plain looking building with TKB at the top. Once inside you'll be in a 7-Eleven landscape of soda and chips to get. A bakery of delicious goods before you, a line stretched to where you are. And on the other side, where you order your big honkin' sandwich.

A hidden gem on the way to Phoenix, Arizona or just past Palm Springs and nestled into the tiny town of Indio is the TKB Bakery. Which somehow got the title of Best Restaurant on Yelp in 2018. It's good and had good service, but it won the title? Woah. We're not sure we agree, but Hell, we do love the place.

First off, it's got funny names for the sandwiches you can get. How about a Mexican Marylin Monroe, The Trump or the so nice to say Sadda-Mizer. There's a lot more option of hot and cold sandwiches, but either way you're getting a ton of meat and these aren't petite. These are tremendous sandwiches that come with a pickle and chips. It was so filling, some of us as at TTDILA couldn't finish it out on our trip. You come hungry and empty. Skip breakfast. Taste was delicious, big sandwiches, big taste.

Then to add to the calorie count this place is also a bakery. And we don't mean a few things, there's a big selection of cookies and cakes and brownies and scones. This is not a good place if you're on a diet. It's a place to chow down.

One of the best parts might be the playful and helpful staff. They seemed attentive and knowledgeable for newcomers. At the same time if you're gonna ask a million questions or say you can't hear them, they're gonna mess with you. However, when we met the owner going by the name Big Sip, yeah, it's funny, he was nice enough to explain the place is family owned and how it all works on ordering. We did get in before a big stretch of people came in. So, nice depends on the line.

We didn't know, but once you order, unless your picking up, sit down and they'll bring you your food. And get their early before everyone gets in on the weekend, because their dining area will fill up fast.

The place where you sit down and munch isn't all that amazing; it's so big the walls have banners on winning best on Yelp and then oddly local advertising for the weirdest sh*t. One wall is a huge projection of sports. Really, where you order has a nice look and we do wish they would put in some murals, but hey, it is what it is. A damn fine sandwich shop and bakery that will satiate your hunger from the long drive.

TKB Bakery & Deli
44911 Golf Center Pkwy, Indio, CA 92201
Mon-Sat - 7am – 6pm
Sundays - Closed
(760) 775-8330