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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Metal Slug: The Ultimate History – FULLY LOADED Edition

Oh, why did we not see this before? The good folks over at Bitmap Books, all the way in Looondon, En-gel-and made the only official book of Metal Slug, Metal Slug: The Ultimate History. It has tons of special art, interviews with people who have worked on the series and, and, and ah the FULLY LOADED Edition is sold out and will not be reprinted! Check that slipcase out.

The FULLY LOADED slipcase plays in-game sound effects from the weapons you get in the game!!! Ahhhhh! We need this in our lives!!!! I want to hear the bad voice-over work of fake Arnold Schwarzenegger going, "Rocket Lawnchair!" Because he can't say Rocket Launcher.

The regular book is for sale for pre-order and internationally ships, but we think we need more of the FULLY LOADED Edition.