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Friday, November 22, 2019

Marciano Art Foundation Probably Dead

And you thought the news on MOCA being free in 2020 with a caveat of $18 bucks for special exhibits was it for today.

Yup, it looks like back in early November the Marciano Art Foundation ceased being a museum because the staff was trying to unionize. They higher-ups say it was a lack of people visiting it, which makes really no sense as it was free anyway. And every time we went for a visit it seemed packed with people enjoying it.

We have an e-mail from Nov 1st reminding us to sign-up for Dec reservations, so this was a sudden decision. No final word on what will happen to the MAF, but all it's social media channels are down, it's web-site is still online with no reason as to why it's closed as of writing this.

Hopefully, a better deal can be found for the workers or something can be worked out. It sucks to lose an free art museum that let's people think, comment and take dumb selfies at. Really though, if you haven't had a chance, you missed out.

Here's our first look at the Art Foundation, back in 2017, when it opened. It's only been open for three years.