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Friday, November 1, 2019

Media Hype: Pac-Man is almost middle age, Conception PLUS & More

Save the date! Conception PLUS will be reborn next week!
Conception PLUS will be available for PlayStation®4 and Steam®(PC) on November 5, 2019 (NA) and November 8, 2019 (EU).
The physical Day 1 Edition includes a mini astrology-themed calendar featuring each Star Maiden.

Digitally pre-order Conception PLUS and get a PlayStation 4 exclusive theme and 10% discount.
Visit PlayStation™ Store page to pre-order. The Steam version of Conception PLUS will include a digital soundtrack and 10% off for a limited time!
Don't miss a chance to get this awesome deal on Steam. Steam store page

 Batman Beyond: The Complete Series Limited Edition came out on Tuesday, haven't heard about any color problems like the Batman TAS release, so far.
Pac-Man turns 40 in 2020, so, Bandai Namco is celebrating with this new weird music video and special Pac-Man events around the world. There's one head to ComplexCon in Long Beach this weekend Nov 2-3, 2019.

Gun Gun Pixies is now on Steam. It's a Japanese game where two tiny ladies spy on a dormitory of girls.

Black Future '88' is coming out Nov. 21 on Switch & PC. Killer sounding soundtrack and some fun tower-climbing rogue action.