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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Game Hype: Tee K.O. Got An Update? Kojima Productions LA Died

-One of our favorite games just got an update out of nowhere and it's ever so minor, yet so much fun for us fans. Tee K.O. of The Jackbox Party Pack 3 has you creating T-shirts for fun with the random images and phrases that your friends create then put them in duels to find the best t-shirt.

The new update has added blue t-shirts and the colors purple and brown to your palette. So make as
many blue shirts with doo-doo on them as you can.

It's funny a game from 2016, just got an update now, but I can't complain as it maintains the fun of playing with friends.

BTW, the shirts you create are available to post online and to purchase to wear in real life.

-Polygon has a very boring article on Kojima Productions LA office.

What it was like working at Kojima Productions Los Angeles

We thought it be filled with more strife and drama, but it's such a boring article we don't know why it was even allowed to be that long. We remember when Kojima Productions opened with a lot of fanfare here in LA and it instead of a compelling story of behind-the-scenes drama it's a bunch of shrugs. This article is too tie something to Kojima's latest game Death Stranding, but boy is it some worthless content. This is a warning not to read it.