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Thursday, October 3, 2019

The NRA Needs To Promote Anime This Season

Though they have much, much, much more stricter gun laws in Japan, they love showing bullet play off in anime. Now two series, this anime season are going gun-ho. And they're ridiculous.

Look for them on your streaming services this October, as of writing this they haven't been announced for which service or if they'll be simul dubbed.

As we've previously written about, it's the one and only anime about a man who has a gun for a head, No Guns Life. It has our main character take on the job of a bodyguard of a little kid. Oh, and his head is a gun. His weird powers makes him an Extended, a group of people changed with similar problems. I'm not sure, what or if other Extended heads will also be different guns, but here's hoping.

It looks like were in luck as Madhouse is making this anime and their known for the good, first season of One-Punch Man and Black Lagoon. Out in Japan Oct 10th.

Next we have Rifle is Beautiful.

This...ridiculous anime is about a girl starting up a rifle club in high school. A slice of life anime about maintaining and using a rifle? So cute girls with a school. Ehhh. Out, Oct 13th in Japan.