Thursday, October 24, 2019

Adventure Time Time: Back From The Dead To Stream

Didn't think I'd be writing about Adventure Time after the show ended, but streaming has brought it back from the dead and HBO Max needs to be fed.

So, the big news is that Adventure Time is coming back with 4 specials, with two coming out some time in the year 2020 on the new streaming service HBO Max. Adventure Time: Distant Lands, that's what the specials are called, has four in the works

Deadline has the details on the specials content:
"The first special is BMO, which follows the show’s lovable robot, the second special Obsidian features Marceline & Princess Bubblegum as they journey to the imposing, beautiful Glass Kingdom to prevent an earthshaking catastrophe, the third special, Wizard City, follows Peppermint Butler, starting over at the beginning, as just another inexperienced Wizard School student, who must master the mystic arts in time to prove his innocence on campus, and finally, the fourth special, Together Again, brings Finn and Jake together again, to rediscover their brotherly bond and embark on the most important adventure of their lives."
It sounds nice having AT back though the format sounds choppy at best. I mean Finn and Jakes aren't back until when, 2021?

Some articles have pointed out that no one from the original team of Adventure Time has their names associated with these specials so far. No Pen Ward, Adam Muto or even your Kent Osborne or Rebecca Sugar coming back. So, have these been handed over to just randos or are we getting it from some of the people who really made the show?

This also remind me how a promised moviefor the show never made it into theaters or was ever really talked about after being announced.

We'll of course, have future updates as we learn if this is actually a good thing or a cash grab.

via Deadline