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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Don't Forget IndieCade Is This Week

Indie games of all sorts are gonna be shown over at Santa Monica College starting Thursday. Our beloved IndieCade is back and Sunday is dead to it. Remember, Night Games is gonna be ending this one. No Sunday, game day.

Oct 10-12
Santa Monica College
1660 Stewart St, Santa Monica, CA 90404
$15 +fees for Night Games
$38.77 for Saturday
$ more for different features and days

*Heads up, parking will straight up suck at Santa Monica college. The closes place to park is $35 and street parking is bad, because of college zoning rules. We highly recommend a Lyft like service or taking the Metro.

So check out all then new games that might one day be on Steam or console.

Here's our top chocies of what to try for the festival.