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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Genndy Tartakovsky Needs To Direct Immortal Hulk Cartoon After Primal Season Finale

Primal S1E5
One of the greatest and brutal comics right now is Immortal Hulk. A new take on the Hulk from writer Al Ewing and artist Joe Bennett turns the Hulk into a monster who becomes an un-killable creature when the night falls and goes back to being a human in the sunlight. Add a horrible new split-personality disorder, body horror and a Hell for the gamma-powered when they "die" and you've got a new gritty Hulk that fans are going crazy for.

At the same time we have the release of Genndy Tartakovsky's (Dexter's Laboratory, Samurai Jack) miniseries, Primal. It just aired on Adult Swim. A viscous and scathing with violence splatter of BC beat downs via a nameless cave man and his trusty T-Rex companion. Each episode sees a new ordeal in unparalleled violence on just trying to survive.

Immortal Hulk
The season finale of Primal just showed a Hulked out version of our leading caveman taking on a plethora of ape-men. The guts and blood practically oozed out of the TV. Eyeballs and bones spilled over the screen. The carnage was so sweet; it pumps you up better than the last fight in Dragon Ball Super. And all this was done with a Hulk on screen.

With Genndy Tartakovsky's track record in animation he should be brought on to an animated adaption of Immortal Hulk in a heartbeat. After the finale with the monstrous look it took with the amazing fight, he would make the top pick animator for such a series. It was like seeing the Hulk finally animated going fully out.

Though no plans have been made for such a show, with a significant run of source material it would be great to see a series pop-up directed by Genndy. Here's hoping that Marvel sees Genndy's work or it's talked about it in the media, so those at Marvel start hearing about it and planning.

And it's too much of a dream of an Immortal Hulk movie within the cinematic universe right now, it would need a horror director, but years down the line, we can only hope.