Thursday, October 24, 2019

Gnaw: Food of the Gods Part II & Extra Ordniary Reviews

Gnaw: Food of the Gods Part II

That clip above really show off the best parts of this film, which is pure trash. It was this year's selection for the TTDILA Halloween Office Party. Why? Because, it's a so bad, it's good.
Gnaw: Food of the Gods Part II has really no relation to the first film, it's a huge mess of bad acting, bad plot and giant rats. In other words, perfect viewing for a Halloween party.

Essentially, a doctor at a college invents growth serum and a bunch of stupid hippies break into his lab freeing rats who have taken it. Slowly, the rats grow ever larger eating people around campus. But...because the new pool is opening up. Yes, the new pool. The dean wants the doctor and cops from spreading the news about the giant rats. And in the climax a lot of dumb people get eaten by rats.

What about the huge child? That's a side story in this mess of a movie.

There's so many parts to pick apart from just how stupid people are to the only custodian ever scene on a college campus driving the smallest vehicle I've seen. I mean those shopping carts for fat people to drive our bigger than this thing.

Extra Ordniary

Will Forte needs work. He didn't go make Barry on HBO, but he can still play a fun person to hate in movies. He plays a one-hit wonder looking to gain a bigger audience while trying to commit some Satanic acts of evil in the new film Extra Ordniary. The premise here is a cute one of supernatural abilities being a burden to a women, Rose, a driving instructor, trying to cope with both being a psychic medium and have a life. She's given up battling ghosts, but possibly getting with a single Dad has brought her back to her real job of sending spirits on their way.

This had me for it's British style of humor. Where the surreal or strange is just placed along the mundane. Even though something horrible might be going on Rose may be relatively okay with it or just give up trying to help. A possessed trash can cause an anxiety attack in her.

It's like watching what could have been a drawn out of a comedy series from the BBC.

Oh, and we just loved our Rose's Dad series of supernatural videos.