Tuesday, September 3, 2019

What Will You See At Beyond Fest 2019?

The insane schedule of films we're getting for Beyond Fest 2019 is up now. Tickets go on sale this Saturday, so be ready to grab tickets. Beyond Fest 2019 is taking place at The Egyptian Theater Sept 25-Oct 8.

Some of the highlights in our book include the West Coat Premieres of JoJo Rabbit, Parasite, Color Out Of Space with good ol' Nicholas Cage, The Lodge, Swallow and Little Monsters. We're getting the LA premiere of Memory: The Origins of Alien, an in-depth look inside perhaps the best sci-fi horror film. And we're even getting the bloody version of Tammy and the T-Rex. This line-up will give any cinephile a reason to live still with so many live action Disney films coming out.

Oh, and Joe Bob Briggs is in town to explain how Rednecks saved the movies. The only thing missing is really that Lighthouse movie, but, hey, this is a huge line-up.

For the more hardcore horror fan there's a Tom Atkins Tom-A-Thon and Evil Dead Re-Imagined with a live band playing the music.

A number of the films remain free screenings, sadly in the smaller 90-seat theater, but still free.

Enjoy this Beyond Fest before Netflix buys The Egyptian and possibly ends the cycle.