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Friday, September 13, 2019

New Looney Toon Curse Of The Monkey Bird Also In Theaters

Curse of The Monkey Bird, a new Looney Tune cartoon will be playing for a week to be up for an Academy Award similar to Primal playing at the Downtown Independent the week after. It’ll cost you some cash...unless you just sneak into see it, because it's only gonna play for 6 minutes.

 The Curse of The Monkey Bird will screen once each day at 1:00pm at Laemmle’s Music Hall Theatre.
Should the short play before WB's movie, yup. But WarnerMedia does not care, nor does any short seem to care about playing in some way that people would actually see it, possibly due to the bizarre rules of getting an Oscar, where it has to play a week in a theater in town. Couldn't they put these together and make this something worth watching? Probably, but they're not.

*Odd, it's not playing at the Downtown Independent where Primal will be as their both part of Warner Bros, hmmm.