Tuesday, September 24, 2019


By Eric Harris

“Gain followers. Lose your mind. Do it for the gram.” With a tagline like that, it’s almost impossible to resist the sweet siren call of Creep LA’s new production HAUS OF CREEP. It’s no secret that we’re fans of Just Fix It Productions. While the Halloween season is just beginning, Creep LA is consistently one of our top annual haunt recommendations.

HAUS OF CREEP is an immersive theatre experience, which, depending on one’s perspective, is a horrific, or a darkly comedic take on the Instagram-able “museums” and “experiences” that are devouring the Los Angeles cultural scene.

HAUS OF CREEP is set in an art gallery world filled with creeps. These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill creeps; these are high-quality creeps! There are leather creeps, vintage Hollywood-style creeps, creeps with accents, naked creeps, clown creeps, and creeps with creepy facial hair! “Dennis” here takes his creeping craft seriously. And so should you.

The “stage” is set up as a free-roaming tour though an art gallery. There are approximately 15 “living art” interactions in addition to numerous static art displays. Many of the art pieces are available for purchase, so if you are in need of early Halloween, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Groundhog Day gifts, Creep LA has your back.

The staged event interactions fit the insta-museum theme well. Attention to detail is solid, and interaction quality is great. Would you like a playful reminder of your last run in with homeland security at LAX? Boom! #10 “Feel Something” is the cure for what ails you! Just like actual TSA employees, the hands that reach out from the wall to grab you wear black nitrile gloves! Not feeling the Department of Homeland Security’s love? Perhaps #3 “peepshow” is more your speed. Just don’t get too close, or you might see more than you want to…

Expect to be blindfolded at least once. Note it gets rather warm inside the gallery, so, if you are lucky, you may be spritzed with a refreshing lavender mist. Virtually the entire experience is interactive, so if you are not into olfactory effects – just say no. The real star of HAUS of CREEP was the delightful marionette show where the marionette shared important life advice AND sang a catchy tune. The marionette also did things that no marionette should do. Horror? Comedy? Therapy-fuel? I’m confused. But I like it.

Is there a story behind this fake-museum full of colorful creeps? You’ll have to figure that part out for yourself. Along the way, be sure to take pics at the convenient photo booth stations (check your map!). When you do finally figure out the plot, celebrate, and purchase commemorative women’s crop tops and other Creep LA swag from the gift shop.

From a critical perspective, The Creep LA experience improves every season and the acting has a cohesive feel to it. Things to do in LA has been following Just Fix It Productions for years and this year’s cohort of actors mesh well together. These are not just random weirdos you find at lesser art installations! It is satisfying to see artistic growth in a non-traditional theatre environment. The extremely high actor/attendee ratio (approximately 1 actor per 2 attendees) and numerous interactions provide for a rich and nuanced 75 minute adventure.

Was HAUS OF CREEP perfect? No. Life isn’t all Instagram museums, creeps, and souvenir crop-tops. The biggest flaw? HAUS OF CREEP is a parody of a selfie “museum” and yet there is not a single damn ball pit filled with sprinkles, dolls, candy, marshmallows, eyeballs, toys, etc. Add a ball pit before it’s too late. Serious. Do it for the ‘gram! 

WARNING: There is so much stuff to see and do, that HAUS OF CREEP’s branching paths may require more than one visit to fully appreciate the Creep LA experience. Your mileage may vary.

Overall, HAUS OF CREEP is a fantastic experience and is highly recommended for immersive theatre fans. For those not familiar with this type of theatre, audience members play as interactive characters within the story, so expect to be touched, yelled at, flirted with, made to dance, sing, etc. Character interaction events tend to be ad-lib, so your personal interactions and responses will directly affect and guide the experience. The key take away? Have fun!

Creep LA is not the only set of creeps in this industry, and Things to do in Los Angles has some legit cyber creeping capabilities. What’s the word on the interwebs about HAUS OF CREEPS? Influencers are writing and tweeting good things. I have a feeling that Creep LA is off to the start of a creepamazingly creeptastic season. For all you immersive theatre, made-for-Instagram / pseudo-museum enthusiasts, stop reading this review and purchase tickets NOW!! before the best dates and times sell out!

777 S. Alameda Street | Building #2 - Level 1, Los Angeles, CA 90021