Thursday, September 5, 2019

Movie Hype: Emotional Stuntman with Bradley Whitford, Between Two Ferns: The Movie & More

This sketch should have been the opening to the Oscars. Oh, by the way Oscars isn't having a host this year, because they're dumb. Just let Bradley Whitford do it with the writers behind this bit.

The great Geof Darrow is on the new Matrix film, sadly that won't save the movie from being terrible.

-Men in Black: International was just awful, that's our review. It's not even worth watching to make fun of.

We can't believe how funny the Between Two Ferns: The Movie actually looks. It's coming out this month to Netflix Sept 20th.
We also put it in our weekly what to do and it has sold out premiere tonight at the Cineramadome, it's K-12, a weird looking musical that will be up for streaming on the Sept 6th.