Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Tokyo Ghoul S & Walking Meat

Send in the zombies, it's almost Halloween. But make'm Japanese, please. On the 18th you have seemingly the only chance to see the sequel Tokyo Ghoul S in theaters. Enjoy zombies with super powers, because in Japan...that's how it works.

"Now a member of Anteiku, Ken Kaneki grows closer to the ghouls around him. Determined to protect his new home against anti-ghoul forces, he trains his powers in secret. But when the infamous gourmet Shu Tsukiyama wishes to savor some half-ghoul flavor, Kaneki’s training is put to the test of a lifetime."
On the 20th we have another short in theaters to be eligible for awards, Walking Meat, It's only playing in one location, Glendale and looks crazy violent. At 21 minutes, we again, in no way recommend sneaking in as it's only there to be eligible for awards and should be free.