Thursday, September 19, 2019

Has Fry's Fallen?

If you've gone to your local Fry's lately you might notice a problem. The shelves are barely stocked.

Welcome to Empty Shelves Land. As we walked through the Woodland Hills Fry's with an Alice in Wonderland theme, we shuddered at the sight of the store. The shelves, once teeming with wires and batteries were now bare. Instead of having to wait for an Amazon delivery, one could venture into a Fry's and pick up electronics at prices on par or sometimes less than the online retail giant. That's not happening now.
 Shelf after shelf is empty.

Ask any employee and they'll say they aren't going out of business. Blame on Trump's tariffs with China or the before mentioned Amazon taking over the market are rumored to be the problem of Fry's stores, but nothing official has been said.

Fry's officially announced they're switching to consignment with their products which will make for a new way of ordering supplies, only paying for suppliers when their products sell. If that's what's happening it seems like it's hard to work the kinks out.

It's baffling how Fry's isn't on Twitter and other social media explaining the situation in better detail to its customers or at least alleviating their fears. That leaves many to question the electronic giants future.

Here's hoping Fry's stays a float and gets some updated idea on telling customers what's going on.

via Mercury News