Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay WB Animation At Its Worst

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 * I would have to say this isn't even a review it's just me hating the film.

When I suggested to a friend that we watch this movie (and after that fact that it even existed) he started saying over me, "No, no, no, no, no... And he was right. This is another bizarre mess from WB Animation that never make sense and will never win any awards. There just content IGN can talk about that no one think will be any good and they would be right. IGN cover things like the Tomb Raider movie with great detail, like special exclusive stuff from them means. Oh, boy did the studios mess up on this one. And, baby, sir, lady, whatever you go by this movie isn't for you.

In a somehow related to other films in the DCU animated universe way we have a redone Suicide Squad, no relation to the other WB animated Suicide Squad that took place in the video game Arkham Asylum universe. Join Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang Killer Frost, Copperhead, and generic black guy Bronze Tiger as they go after a get-out-of-Hell free card stolen from a much better written comic.

The last movie had a generic black guy in it, so, so did this one. I'm just writing it's sad that they had no new ideas to put into this one and Alan Burnett, writer for this garbage, from Batman: The Animated Series could do better, much better

Sam Liu, you suck. I've hated your work through the years now and your story-boarding on the live action Justice League movie. You and Jay Oliva are on par with how bad DC movies are excluding, Wonder Woman. Sam Liu directed what could be best described as a huge mess of blood and violence with no point and people dressed a grunge rockers.

The movie is just a mix of boring driving scenes and uncharacteristic hyper violence. My friend and I who have grown up with the comics and TV shows of DC and WB's have no understanding who these films are made for. They aren't made for kids. This is an R-rated film that you can't show to little kids. As an adult, I don't care for the blood and violence even though these are bad guys. And I like violence and even hyper violence in the right context. It doesn't have a place in DC animated movie.

It's like the animators there get out all their horrible bad thoughts into these movies. Like they have to animate talking animals all the timea nd then one of these projects come out and there like, "Yeah, I'm gonna have even more bullets come out of my guy then you and I'll add lot of blood!"

They're not even clever kills or cool deaths. They've made kills boring. How's that even possible?

There's nothing positive to say about this film. The only thing I would like to ask for those involved was for some really strange character design choices that left Banshee looking like she was into grunge music with Blockbuster.

I'm not sure if this idea was internal, but I have to assume WB animation was forced to put out something related to Suicide Squad. Then it was rushed along and came out with little fanfare, except for "exclusives" to IGN.

There's no substance to the film, it's just garbage like the last WB animated film. Which, I keep watching, but I have no idea who demographically they're for.