Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Katie Rice ‏& Vera Brosgol Getting Sh*t Done

First up, Katie Rice, who we've liked for a long time, let us never forget her Skadi, is gonna be a director on the Animaniacs reboot. She's pretty good a drawing ladies, so let's hope the show still allows for Hello Nurse or it might be like the new PPG, where Ms. Bellum went bye-bye.

Vera Brosgol, another lady we're a long time fan of, cuz of her web-comic and her graphic novel Anya's Ghost, that's being turned into a live action film, just released her newest graphic novel, Be Prepared. It seems like it's a semi-autobiographical take on her experience at camp as a child. And it's all kinds of messed-up childhood trauma. It's a delight for young and old readers. Hopefully, she'll get her own directing gig that has something to do about Russia in the future.