Friday, April 27, 2018

Famicase 2018 Entry Super Fun Crazy Jonathan Game Show

Our graphic designer Andrew Gallardo and myself, your editor, have entered into Famicase again this year. Famicase is an annual art show in Japan featuring work from artists all over the world of fiction famicon or "NES" games. This time, I came up with a take on the Japanese game show, mainly stolen from Takeshi's Castle. Andrew's mind wandered with it and apparently I became a big-headed version of a delinquent from Stanley Kubrick's a Clockwork Orange instead of the game show's host.
Here's the game synopsis: Contestants, are you ready to face whatever Jonathan has come up with? You and up to one other friend can see who can win, Super Fun Crazy Jonathan Game Show! Master the courses, don't fall in the slime pits and whatever you do, don't get Jonathan angry! He's king of the castle and he is a cruel game master. So become the the number one big man in Japan. Can you beat Super Fun Crazy Jonathan Game Show!

Will share more on this year's show from different artists as more of their art is revealed online.