Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Opening Night Fan Events For Avengers: Infinity War, No Marathon For LA

Yeah, the big get together for the big movie is taking place Thursday, April 26 at 6pm at different theater chains. Each is offering at least one collectible coin and sometimes a free bucket of popcorn when you see Avengers: Infinity War opening night.

Here's a breakdown of the different chains goodies.

AMC-In addition to seeing the film one hour early, fans attending will be treated to exclusive content, receive a collectible coin, and be given a special event only concession offer.
Cinemark- Free large popcorn and coin
Regal-REGAL CROWN CLUB MEMBERS will receive an exclusive variant gold collectible coin. A studio produced silver collectible coin. Large combo with Collectible 44 oz. cup with soft drink & 105 oz. popcorn.

As for the Avengers: Infinity War Marathon, it's only taking place at two theaters, one inf New York and Florida. As of writing this, no theater in LA is attempting to play all 18 films.